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H.O.G.® Chapter

H.O.G.® Chapter

What is the Harley® Owners Group (H.O.G.®)

Harley-Davidson® created H.O.G.® over 30 years ago. Their plan was simple…. to create the largest motorcycle riding club in the world and connect people with a passion for riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. And to date, they’ve had amazing success. H.O.G.® currently boasts more than 1,000,000 members, and it's the largest motorcycle club in the world! What other than a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle can connect the coolest people in the world?

Membership benefits are limited to those who ride the best thing on two wheels: a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. You receive a one-year complimentary membership with the purchase of any new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, and you may also sign up directly or renew on the National H.O.G.® website.

Oil City Harley-Davidson® is the proud sponsor of the Oil City H.O.G® Chapter. The dealership expects you to “Ride and Have Fun” That’s why we're here. That’s why you're here. Let’s make it happen!


The Oil City H.O.G.® Chapter keeps the traditions alive in Casper, WY and surrounding communities. Sure, you'll always have your 1,000,000 friends around the world, but the local Chapter helps you connect with Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts who may live down the street. It’s social networking... with a lot more excitement. You’ll meet people who share your enthusiasm for the open road, form lifelong friendships, and escape the everyday norm.

Membership Benefits include:

  • H.O.G.® Events - Qualify for participation in local Oil City H.O.G® Chapter 
  • H.O.G.® Magazine - Keep up to date with news, product reviews and commentary from fellow enthusiasts. 
  • H.O.G.® Mileage Program - Freebies for just doing what you love, riding.. 
  • H.O.G.® Touring Handbook - Keep tabs on dealer locations as you cross the country 
  • Roadside assistance 
  • Safe Rider Skills 
  • H.O.G.® patch and pin each year of membership for your vest.

National membership is required to join the local Oil City H.O.G® Chapter, and the benefits are worth it:

  • Rides, rides, and rides… Pick a ride that's right for you. Short, long, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even overnight.
  • Gatherings - Meet once a month to connect with new members, and reconnect with friends you don’t see often. 
  • Charitable activities - If you’re smart enough join the Harley-Davidson® family, our community needs you. 
  • Dealer support - Go behind the scenes and support Oil City Harley-Davidson® events. 
  • Dealer Sponsored Events - Poker nights, bowling nights, parties.

Current Oil City Chapter Officers

Below is a list of our current officers. Our officers volunteer their time to ensure the local Chapter is a success. They are dedicated. They are knowledgeable. And, they watch over the best local H.O.G.® Chapter in the country… Yours!

If you have any questions about membership, benefits, or when the next ride may occur, please reach out to one of them. You are a member of our extended family, and they will be happy to help you.

Bobby Casados-Assistant Director - 307-277-0739